Practising Resurrection


This Easter tide I asked myself a question:

What does living the resurrection look like in daily life?

One morning I posed this question to God and got this answer:

“Child, resurrection looks like JOY. Crazy joy.”

 Wow. Crazy joy, eh?

How I wish I could live that resurrection joy each day. It seems pretty hard in the face of dawdling children, kitchen mess, teasing by older brother leading to screaming, the insurmountable mountain of laundry, the parking lot incident, the knowledge that you should be grabbing an apple to eat instead of that tantalizing Easter egg (but oh! it’s so good!!!), the situation involving the varsol spilled all over the back porch table that is soaking into the box set aside for a charity garage sale (anyone have any tips for cleaning up that type of mess?), refereeing the next scuffle… and on it goes…

How does one live crazy joy every day?

I don’t know that I have too many answers right now.

Maybe by seeing the moments of crazy joy that occurred sporadically throughout the day: 3 kids dancing in the rain, getting soaking wet and squealing wild; a kitten, dancing across the couch, chasing a ribbon; a friend showing up with ingredients needed for dinner plus a coffee to boot!; popcorn on a rainy day

I want to be a crazy joy gal. I do.

Jesus, please change my heart, and teach me how to be a child of yours who radiates this ‘crazy joy’, resurrection joy!


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  1. It is hard to experience joy in the midst of craziness! Praise God for his grace and resurrection power, for he can work in and through us to create that joy. I so need it! Thanks for your post!

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