The Rekker gong show hits Kelsey’s


We were invited by some friends to go to a restaurant for lunch after church. Lunch went pretty well, better than I anticipated, with 5 hungry little ones. At the end of lunch, one of my little ones escaped the group in order to go and play by the door. Not keen on that idea, but I was preoccupied with helping the other little ones into their coats.  At the same time I was desperately trying to peel my hubby away from conversation with my eyes (the ones with the searing blazing look that says ‘pay attention to me!’). I finally abandoned the other two children in order to see where the escapee had gone, since I was afraid that he had already left the building.

I see it happening as it is happening but cannot get there in time.

I make a desperate rush for the closing door as the little one puts his hand into the door crack (the side with the hinges). I see his mouth and his eyes widen …  no sound yet coming out. I push the door off his finger but it is too late. The scream is bloodcurdling. I take him to the hostess desk where 2 hostesses are standing, to ask for ice. They seem rather stunned by the sound coming out of Kaelan’s mouth, as well as by my wide-eyed, frantic request, brought on by the adrenalin pumping through my veins at the thought of a broken or crushed finger and a visit to ER.

Between the steady, piercing scream punctuated by rapid breaths he is yelling “No ice! No ice!”  I am desperately trying to see his finger and how badly he has damaged it. But he continues to hold it in his other hand and is refusing to show it to me. Husband appears with furrowed brow and is talking to me but I cannot hear over the screaming in my ear. Hostess reappears with ice. Kaelan is now squirming, trying to get his hand out of my hand. He is crying something but I cannot quite understand. Big brother nods with understanding and opens the door again to find …

… the yellow sucker… stuck to the floor mat…

Triumphantly, he peels it off the mat, re-enters the foyer and rushes it over to screaming Kaelan.

Gross. I do not want this sucker in his mouth! And so begins a tug o’ war between Kaelan and I and the yellow sucker. I am pulling as hard as I can to try to dislodge said sucker from his (uninjured) hand. He is pulling equally as hard and still screaming to boot. I look ridiculous. I’m not sure whether to be more concerned about the crushed finger, and getting ice on it, or the disgustingly dirty sucker that he wants to put back into his mouth. Husband is still trying to say something to me and as I attempt to give him my attention, I notice that three families are standing watching the drama. 

Yup. Don’t mind us. Just another Rekker gong show….

The hostess is still holding out the ice and I decide to take it. As my attention moves from sucker to ice, Kaelan gains the advantage and stuffs the dirty sucker into his mouth.

Sigh… I concede defeat.

Well… I may have lost the battle, but at least the screaming stopped!


Your thoughts?

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