Morn(IN)g Quie(TER) Ti(RUP)me(TIONS)


{To preface, know that we are dog sitting this week – a large, slobbery, chocolate lab. He is wonderful in personality, but quite messy… and very “food motivated” (read: will eat anything and everything)}

I’m sure that some of you with children or with animals can relate to my attempt at quiet time this morning:

6:18 Dog climbs upstairs. I get up to take him outside so that he will not wake the kids.

6:22 Feed cat on counter (so that dog will not eat her food) Kettle on for tea.

6:23 Find Bible and journal from last night. Light candle. Find music on computer.

6:24 Begin my devo. Hear the dog’s claws on the counter as he attempts to eat the cat food. Run to kitchen to reprimand the dog and to save the cat’s breakfast. Make tea while I’m there.

6:25 Back on couch. Breathe. Begin again.

6:27 Hear the rustle of plastic. Run to kitchen to rescue the garbage. Dog is chewing on the plastic wraps from the raw ground beef from yesterday’s lasagna project. Gross!!!!! Clean up the mess and wash hands. Tea has steeped so I bring it with me back to the couch.

6:28 Settle back on couch. Hear dog into something else (what?! again?!) … run into hallway to find him into the large garbage bin in the closet! Clean up mess; ensure that the closet door is firmly shut.

6:29 Back on couch. Breathe.

6:31 Dog barking at back door. Needs to go out…  (You’ve got to be kidding me… sigh…) Shoes on, poop bag in hand, out we go… As I wait outside for the dog, I thank Jesus for the morning, and the birds, and the crisp air…

6:35 Back on couch. Breathe. Begin again… (again!)

6:36 Hear dog’s claws scrabbling on counter, after the cat’s food again. Decide to ignore; too frustrated to get up again.

6:43 Kids are up… (please, please stay upstairs, I just need a few moments with Jesus!)

6:45 Kids are in the living room with me. Sigh….I continue my devo with them present, reading out loud to keep my focus.

7:00 Kids needing help getting their breakfast. Time to go, Lord! Sorry so short!

{The next thing the dog managed to get into was the cat litter. He decided to chew up the excrement –  not only in the kitchen, but in the living room as well. Vacuum in hand, I quickly clean up the stinky mess before I herd children out the door. We take the dog with us  – I don’t need any more messes this morning!}


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