Sunshine-y days…


Two wonderful days in a row!


Sometimes my decision to stay home, to homeschool my eldest at this time seems too challenging. Especially those days when his behaviour just seems … well, angry or defiant, or stubborn.

And yet, the past two days have been amazing. I am so thankful for these joyful, encouraging days…

Feeding our worms (vermicomposting)… actually doing our house chores (as opposed to just thinking about how we should be doing them!) … time spent on phonics… sunny days… great books from the library about birds, our present mini study focus and this morning’s gorgeous walk, looking for and listening for, birds… surprising myself with some basic bike maintenance… bike riding in the sunshine(!)… looking at flowers, pushing their way up through the warming earth… learning about sea creatures of the deep… a grey kitty curled into my tummy at night… reading, reading and more reading on the couch… kids skipping through the house singing praise songs… a big brother helping a little brother…


Your thoughts?

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