Dare to be Different


The snow yesterday was beautiful. I love how the fresh, white powder provides a cover over all the dirty, brown snow at this time of year. It feels like the magic of the first snowfall of winter all over again. (I know some of you don’t agree at this time of year!!)

What is amazing about snowflakes is that each one is different. Kenneth Libbrecht, a physicist, has taken thousands of photographs of snowflakes for several years and he has never found a single one that was the same.


I was thinking about what this says about our God. Our amazing Creator who breathes each snowflake into existence. I wonder if He even gives them each a name, as He does the stars?

What it says to me, is that our God delights in differences. He delights in creating each snowflake unique. And as I look around, there are so many other examples in creation too! He loves and creates each one of us differently. Even identical twins that share the same DNA have different personalities, talents and interests. God blesses each of us with various gifts and calls us to different roles in the Body of Christ.

So when God calls you to be different, perhaps leading you to a new challenge in life, a fresh perspective on an old topic, a new calling, are you willing to be different? Or are you afraid of what others will say about you or perhaps to you, about being different?

Sometimes I find it difficult to be different.  For instance, at my Saturday job, when my coworkers begin to discuss current tv series they are following, or popular online video games, I really don’t have much to contribute to the conversation. I don’t feel very much a part of the group. Sometimes as I travel further along my faith journey I can even feel different from other Christians in my faith community. When I feel that God is calling me to other priorities, I can feel different from other women who are on their faith journey around me.

The snowflakes reminded me: dare to be different. God delights in our differences and celebrates them! And so should we…




Your thoughts?

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