Weeping for the world


This video broke my heart.

Shattered any illusions I had about what good I am doing in the world at large.

Made me want to run right out to the shopping malls, the ones that are getting packed with people, buying, buying, buying for people who have it all. Show them this video. And then ask if they might reconsider the dvd player in their cart, and the scented oil plug-in candles for Aunt Lily. Does she need it? Does she want it?

Overheard a conversation in Winners home furnishings the other day by someone on a cell. “Well, what do you think of these metal-gilded salt & pepper shakers?”   My thought was, if you are buying someone salt and pepper shakers, it is obvious to me that you are buying something for the sake of buying something, not because they need it.

Seeing this made me want to run right out and rescue one of those little ones that suffer from such abandonment and pain in far away places. Yet I know that there are little ones in my own community that need rescuing as much as these ones. I feel overwhelmed by the pain of the world. It is so clear why Jesus came to earth, our broken, sinful, greedy, dark world.

The light of the world. Because there seems to be so much darkness.

The light of the world.

What is my response?


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  1. Wow. I find it really overwhelming to care deeply for all of the broken and hurting and suffering people. Thanks for making us think, Kristen.

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