A Sunday Prayer


Would you join me in prayer please?

God of Love, we want to praise you this morning for being who you are: a good Father, a strong presence, and someone who wants to walk with us daily. God, we thank you for loving us so much that you sent your son to this earth. That when we were weak, when we were full of darkness, when we had nothing to offer you in return, that you sent Jesus to die for us, so that we might have a personal relationship with you.

Jesus, thank you for coming for us to show us what Love looks like. You are the image of the invisible God and the firstborn over all creation. By you all things were created. You are before all things, and in you all things hold together. You are the head of the body, the church. And God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in you, and through you to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through your blood, shed on the cross.

Holy Spirit, you are welcome here. We thank you for your continual presence within us. We thank you for the way that you guide us into all truth. We thank you that it is through your power that we can reach others who don’t yet know the love of the Father. I pray that you would remove any fear about who you are, or what you do. I pray that we would be enabled to really hear you clearly when you speak. Help us to listen.

God, we lift into your arms today those who are struggling in our midst. Lord, you know exactly what it is that troubles their hearts. And Jesus you are right there with them, right beside them. You know what it is like to suffer, to hurt, to be afraid. Help them turn to you and allow you to embrace them. Help them to know that they are not alone in their dark place. We lift up those who are suffering in mind, body or spirit. Please touch them give them your gentle peace. Thank you that you are already present tomorrow as M undergoes surgery. Thank you for a good outcome, quick recovery and health for M.

We pray for the university and college students that are returning to Guelph. We also pray for those who are here for the first time and feeling lost, afraid or alone. Father, we lift them to you right now and ask for your presence to be their strength and their comfort until they find some friends. We pray for easy access to meaningful, Christian community. We thank you for the way that Guelph students have found some connection here at KPC and we pray for more of those connections this year. We lift to you E, our intern for this year. Please bless and keep her energized in her role here.

Lord, we thank you for the incredible blessings that we enjoy in Guelph. We live in a safe community. There is so much beauty here, with the large trees, the vegetables we are getting from our gardens, the crickets singing in the warm evening air. Thank you for your presence in our city. We lift up Sister Christine at the Drop In Center downtown and ask for your strength and your wisdom for her, in her work with the people that come in. We thank you for the initiatives begun by Royal City church in the downtown area, and we pray that clients there would come to know the God who loves them more than anything. We thank you for the Ninabers and their ministry at the Manor. Lord, we praise you that there are baptisms happening there today, a public declaration of people touched by your Love. We thank you for those miracles.

Lord, we ask that you would help those that lead our city, our province and our country to walk in integrity and honesty and to stand for righteousness and justice. We pray for the family of Tina Fontaine and we also pray for the wider family of First Nations people in Canada who have to battle injustice, hopelessness, addiction and poverty. Jesus, would you raise up the aboriginal people again in dignity, and in love. May they come to know you, not as a tool used to oppress them, but as a Person who wants to give them freedom and hope. Send your light over our First Nations, Jesus, pressing back the darkness and breaking the chains of oppression that have held them captive for generations.

Lord God, we pray against the principalities and the powers that are at work in our world causing great spiritual darkness. Jesus, you are stronger than any spiritual power. You are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your Word says that every knee must bow and every tongue confess that You, Jesus, are Lord. Even the darkness must bow to your name. You are the light of the world, and no darkness can remain in your presence. Bring your presence to shine in the dark. May those who are in the darkness see your great Light.

We think of the thousands of people in Iraq, in Syria, in Gaza, in all those places where there is violence and terror. Jesus, sometimes we just don’t know how to pray. Please give us the words we need to pray. You have given us authority to ask for things in your name. We pray, in your name, Jesus, for your light to break through the darkness. We pray for hope to be released to people in those conflict zones, in your name. We pray for your light to overcome the dark. Jesus, we pray for your Word of justice to go forth to break the powers of death and darkness.

We pray that we might be your lights here, in our homes, in our communities. We know that we are to carry your presence into our workplaces, into our schools, into our neighbourhoods, to shine for you. So often we are caught up in shining for ourselves. Jesus, you must be first. Help us to make you first in our lives.

We pray all this in your name.